Mount Kenya Children Home will enable you to achieve your dream of traveling to Africa to serve children and communities that are in desperate need of your support.

Program start & end date

Our volunteer programs are available all the year round, with flexible start and end dates.

Duration of placement
You can volunteer for as little as one week and still get rewarding experience, but you can stay for up to a month.

Work schedule & flexibility
We offer flexible work schedule where you can split your time between working on our projects and exploring other parts of Kenya.

Food & Accommodation
You will be provided with 3 meals a day and comfortable accommodation with the host family.

Cost to volunteer

Volunteers are required to commit a fee of  US$110 per week payable in cash upon arrival. This caters for expenses of your meals, housing and support for our community projects.

Airport transfers
Our staff will meet you at the airport and also see you off on your departure. Please note that from the airport to the city center we shall use a taxi then public means (Matatu) from the city to the home, and the same during departure.

We welcome volunteers from all over the world, regardless of their faith, age or academic backgrounds but of good character.

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