Sponsor a child

What is the background of the children who need sponsoring?
Children in MKCH’s child sponsorship program are commonly referred to us by community, church and government leaders. Our outreach staff also goes to their origins to trace their background. Many of the children in the program are orphans or have very poor background or who have been abused or neglected by their families.
Why should I sponsor a child?
By sponsoring a child, you will enable provide MKCH basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and education essential to make the child self-reliant.

Why sponsor a child with MKCH?
MKCH is a small Kenyan grassroots non-profit with minimal administration cost, so most of the contributions go directly to helping the child you are sponsoring.

Can I choose who I sponsor?
You can select if you would like to sponsor a boy or a girl. If you have no preference then MKCH will select a child on your behalf where we feel felt the need is greatest.
How much do I pay to sponsor a child?
We welcome any amount of contribution, with understanding that each sponsor can afford different amount. However, we can only support the child with the amount you send us.

How much of my contribution will reach my child?
Over 90 percent of your contribution will go towards ensuring your child has a safe place to stay, food on the table, clothing, school uniforms, books and basic health care and good education

What will I receive?
You will receive a photograph and description of the child shortly after you show interest  to be a sponsor. You will then receive at least one update per year about the child’s progress as well as a letter or card from the child. In addition, you will receive MKCH’s newsletter twice a year which will update you on the whole of MKCH’s work.

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?
No! We greatly discourage sponsors from sending gift packages because of the huge custom duties and taxes charged for every parcel from overseas. However, you can send money to purchase the gifts locally which would be cheaper and promoting local community


Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes, you may visit the child you sponsor but this must be arranged through our international volunteer program.

What happens when the child I sponsor leaves the program?
When a child turns 18 years old or leaves the MKCH project to seek work or is reunited with his/her family, then he/she may no longer be eligible for sponsorship. When this happens, MKCH will inform the sponsor and offer you an alternative child to support. MKCH has many children on the waiting list, all of whom need support.

What happens if I have to stop sponsoring a child?
If, for unforeseen circumstances you become unable to continue to sponsor a child, MKCH will do its best to find a replacement sponsor. It is very helpful, however, if you are able to notify MKCH that you need to stop your sponsorship in advance, to give us time to find that child to a new sponsor.


Born on Feb. 6, 2006. Her mother passed when she was 8 months old and left in the hands of her grandmother. The 5th born in the family of 5. She is in pre- unit.



Was born on Aug 8 2000 and orphaned at 6 years while in STD 1. A 4th born in a family of five school attendance has been irregular has the grandmother could not afford the fee.
She is in std. 5


3. JACK BUNDI  – 10 years

Born on March 18 2000, being a third born in a family of five. After the death of his father in 2002 the mother remarried leaving him with his grandfather .he has had irregular school attendance due to school fee that made him repeat STD 2.
He is in STD 4.



Born 1st Jan 2006. 3rd born and last born orphaned at the age of 4 years. The father passed on in April through a road accident and the mother in November during delivery in 2009. This disrupted his education and skill in nursery school. His grand parents cannot be able to cater for his school needs.



Born in 2003. A 2nd born in a family of three. After the passing on of the parents in 2009, she was left under the care of grandmother who could not afford the school fee. This saw her on and off out of school that made her miss the last years (2010) end of year exam. This has made her respect STD 2 again she is STD 2.

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