How you can help

We are facing numerous challenges .there is need to create bigger and spacious rooms to improve on the current to ease congestion.Making of more beds and buying their beddings , we also need to improve on their feeding programme both at home and schoolFunds are also needed to purchase uniforms and other personal effects. for stationery and other area is a problem due to lack of vehicles and motor bikesCurrently we are using solar power which is not promising during the cloudy and rainy dies. The power goes off most of the time as the children are reading. The government embarked on rural electrification thus they have put the major line and the transformer to serve   our home area. There is need to do wiring to light up the house.Funds are also needed to pay the caretakers of these children. Those who look after their cleanliness washing their clothes preparing them for school and cooking.     
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVESGiving them conducive environment to help them maximize their potentials that brings excellence in academic and life

Provide program and children activities designed to develop complete self designed to develop complete self direct, responsible , social interaction in an atmosphere of mutual training them to become

Responsible members of the society by undertaking projects like rabbit keeping chicken rearing and fish farming

To raise them in a conducive environment free from drug and alcohol abuse.


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